Meet Fabian Mwendwa, A Kenyan pro cyclist who has done over 10, 000 kms in the last 4 years. I managed to catch up with him somewhere in Machakos  County doing his normal practice rides.

Him together with other cyclists do annual charity bike tours; to raise money to support orphaned children. Last year He took part in the ‘”Miles and Hope cycling” for 400kms to raise funds to support these children through school.

Cycling on the other hand has its challenges;the biggest being safety while on the road. It takes a lot of effort to stay safe while cycling on our Kenyan roads. It is dangerous and our cyclist here prefers less traveled roads and cycling in groups as it increases visibility and safety.

Acquiring good bikes and biking merchandise is a great challenge as there are no properly equipped bike shops Locally and it takes great effort to source and acquire for such. The direct implication is that bikes and quality cycling merchandise end up being pretty expensive at the end of the day.



















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